Any DO is a personal organizer

Any DO is a personal organizer that can help you quickly and conveniently manage all your daily tasks directly on your Android device. For actions to mark as tasks, write back, up and so on, their only task is to drag the task from one place to another. The application has a very simple interface that allows you to add any task or reminder in seconds. If you set it, the alarm will sound on a specific day or time. Also, the part of your Android device with its tools. Focusing on what to do by writing or saying with Any.DO. All you have to do is speak into your phone's microphone and then Any.DO automatically adds your daily to-do app tasks. Later, it can create the first up or end use. Any.DO is a great follow-up organizer for Android, combining an intuitive, exclusive design with a variety of features wide enough to cover all your daily needs.