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Eden: The Game is the official video game of the TV series Eden and you find yourself in a situation similar to the one in the series. You are in charge of your community of survivors trapped on an abandoned island where you have to build buildings, hunt animals, harvest crops and more. You must build different types of buildings, such as shelters, warehouses, kitchens, workshops, and the like, in order to increase the well-being of your small community. As you build new buildings, you can perform more diverse activities. For example, when you build a workshop, you can make new tools or ornaments such as sculptures. You can even build roads. One of the most important elements in Eden: The Game is how you manage resources like water, wood, rock and meat. You have to manage very well because they are limited in number and you cannot attract new people to your camp if they run out.

You can find the answer to this question in the official game series Eden by building your own community in a natural wonder of Scotland. You are responsible for deciding all the work your community members have to do. If you wish, you can have your community build more camp houses, agriculture, hunting or gathering. Keep the campfire alive and community morale high at all times. Equip and decorate however you want to make your camp look more beautiful. Features Build many different types of buildings such as shelter, storage house, kitchen, workshop Decorate your camp - improve your buildings, add many different objects such as roads, statues, shower cabins Feed pigs, chickens and cows in the camp Manage limited resources such as water, crops, meat, fish, wood and stone Farming, gathering, hunting and fishing, decorate your camp and cook food to keep the fire alive and the camp residents happy Craft new tools to increase the efficiency and success of your camp Help your camp survive the harsh Scottish climates Attract new members to your community for your camp to grow


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